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Banquets & Meetings


At the Heidelberg, a banquet here is like a big family dinner at home, complete with country-style dining. We’ve hosted many weddings, club events, and birthday parties in the last 30+ years. You’ll find our servers and kitchen staff friendly and dedicated.


You’ll be seated upstairs in our licensed banquet rooms, where we have space for up to 80 guests. We are a popular destination for large groups, so please be sure to book ahead! Because of the age of the building, the upstairs area isn’t fully accessible. Should you require a fully accessible venue, though, please call us and we may be able to host you on the main floor.


The Menu


When you book your banquet, you have a few options for food:


  1. You can choose your menu ahead of time so you and your guests can focus on each other’s company instead of meal selection. Using this option will ensure your group stays on schedule. The cost of the room is included.

  2. You can order off our menu when you arrive so everyone can make their own selection. Please be aware this will extend your stay. The cost of the room is included.

  3. You can bring your own food. There is a nominal fee for this option.


If you'd like to order ahead of time, you can order either a full meal or a light one:


Full Meal:


Choose up to three (3) meats for your guests: ribs, pig tails, roast beef, or wiener schnitzel. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are of course also available. All meals include sauerkraut, coleslaw, vegetables, gravy, a dinner roll, and our homemade mashed potatoes. (Yes, we really do make them in-house from real spuds.) Coffee and tea are also included, and you can add a baked apple pie for dessert if you'd like.


There’ll be lots at the table, so bring an empty stomach!


Light Meal:


If you prefer a lighter meal for your event, we also offer trays of cold cuts with bread and coleslaw.


To book your event, please call us at (519) 699-4413.

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